11/03/2014 08:06 GMT | Updated 11/03/2014 12:59 GMT

Bob Crow's Reaction To Jeremy Paxman Calling Him A Dinosaur Last Month Was Brilliant (VIDEO)

Bob Crow, the firebrand RMT union leader, has died. The news has shocked people who have described him as a "fighter".

Crow, while a tough adversary, was known for his quick wit - and he demonstrates it in this wonderful exchange with Jermey Paxman on Newsnight last month.

Paxman calls him a dinosaur and Crow hits back with a brilliant one liner.

Mr Crow was one of the most high-profile, left-wing union leaders of his generation, sparking as much anger from passengers hit by rail and Tube strikes, as praise from his members for winning pay rises.


London Mayor Boris Johnson, who clashed many times with the union leader, said: "Whatever our political differences, and there were many, this is tragic news.

"I'm shocked. Bob Crow was a fighter and a man of character."

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