RMT Union

The RMT union has announced the May 13 walkout after rejecting the latest pay offer.
However, the union's dispute with the train operating companies "remains firmly on".
Sky's Jayne Secker hit back at the RMT boss after he accused her of being a "government mouthpiece".
The RMT union said the "stunning" result showed their members backed their negotiating strategy.
Mick Lynch said the threat of industrial action had made employers "see sense".
Ministers have said the controversial move is necessary to stop the public being inconvenienced by industrial disputes.
The RMT boss said: "If we fight together we are an unstoppable force in this society!"
Union bosses attack Labour leader directly as MPs on the left tweet solidarity with exiting shadow transport minister.
Thousands of staff will walk out from tomorrow after last-ditch talks collapsed.
Labour’s Darren Jones asked CEO Peter Hebblethwaite: "Are you in this mess because you don't know what you are doing or are you just a shameless criminal?"