Nicholas Cage, Brad Pitt & Zach Braff Reimagined As Their Worst Fan Art (PICTURES)

LOOK: If Nicholas Cage, Brad Pitt & Zach Braff Looked Like Their Worst Fan Art...

Fan art is one of the most genuine and charming ways of paying tribute to one’s heroes.

The hours spend labouring over a sketch pad, sculpture or any creative endeavour are true testament to this.

Sometimes they land a little off-the-mark, but even then the effort is still touching.

But this is downright hilarious.

Behold the work of Twitter’s @JamieDMJ, who took it upon himself to Photoshop what some celebrities would look like based on their “worst” fan art.

Zach Braff and Brad Pitt look frankly, absurd. But the crown must surely go to Nicholas Cageking of the internet meme.

More please @JamieDMJ!

PS here is some more fantastically odd fan art - the Nic Cage image in particular is a wonder to behold.

1. Hunter S. Thompson necklace

2. Clint Eastwood onesie

3. Bill Murray earrings

4. Celebrity mugshot wallet

Credit: reneemichele

5. Paris Hilton votive candle

6. Adam Levine glasses

7. Ryan Gosling Moleskine

Credit: PeekArt

8. Alex Trebek needlepoint

9. Custom celebrity felt

10. Tupac vinyl record painting

Credit: WilcoxArt

11. Nicolas Cage Jesus photo

Credit: Reddit

12. Cameron Diaz leather patch

Credit: DaddyoFattyo

13. Tom Cruise wall decal

Credit: VinylSpace

14. Marilyn Monroe brooch

Credit: nizza2011

15. Justin Bieber pin

Credit: 87rabbits

16. Mr. T temporary tattoos

Credit: Tattify

17. Conan O'Brien earrings

Credit: thirtytwoAD

18. Stephen Colbert couch

Credit: mattcharlan

19. Lady Gaga couch

Credit: Etsy

20. Lindsay Lohan tote bag

Credit: lovejonny

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