12/03/2014 05:17 GMT | Updated 12/03/2014 05:59 GMT

10 Texts Students Will Always Send On A Night Out

As students, we like to think of ourselves as club veterans - we know which ones sell the cheapest drinks, which have the best music, the best ones to go to on certain days of the week, the closest ones to your favourite takeaway...the list goes on.

But isn't there a pattern to such nights? Do you find yourself on first name terms with the bouncer as you hang around the horrifically long queue outside the toilets? Does the barman have your usual drink order memorised? Is your inbox filled with frenzied "Where r u???" texts?

There's always one friend who manages to become twice as drunk as everyone else in half the time, and another who disappears, returning later with a guy or girl on their arm.

And let's face it, the first half of the night is spent moaning about how awful the DJ is - give it a few hours and everyone's drunkenly raving about how awesome the tunes are.

The night always ends in your local takeaway, as you bolt a serving of cheesy chips and hug everyone in sight. Because who doesn't love free hugs?

Finally, we have the aftermath:

One headache

Waves of nausea

No purse/wallet

No phone

A vow to never drink again.

...Until you find yourself in the same club the following week.

Here are the top texts students will send on a night out.

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