Cilla Black and Paul O'Grady's BBC Sitcom 'Led Astray' Axed

Cilla Black and Paul O'Grady's Sitcom Axed

If you were looking forward to what would have been the camp-tastic sitcom ‘Led Astray’ starring Cilla Black and Paul O’Grady, we’re afraid to say the show has been shelved.

The duo announced last year that they would be starring in the BBC show together, playing a long-lost brother and sister.

Cilla Black and Paul O'Grady

However, it’s now been revealed that the show has been axed as the pair can’t stand the long filming hours.

Paul O'Grady

He also hit out the quality of shows like 'The Great British Sewing Bee' (“I’d sooner poke my eye out with a needle than learn how to make a patchwork quilt”) and 'The X Factor (“They’re pub singers”).


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