Orgasm Alarm Clock Promises A Happy Start To The Day

Signalling the end of bad mornings the world over, the Little Rooster alarm vibrator wakes you up not with a clanging of bells or by mimicking sunlight: instead, it delivers an orgasm - quite literally - at the exact time of your choosing.

If you decide that you're not quick ready to wake up, you can hit the 'snorgasm' button, which grabs you a bit more shut-eye (but honestly, we can't see this being used often).

It may look like a small dustpan, but it's an external device that works by sitting just inside your underpants. With 30 settings - 27 of them are silent - you don't even have to wake up your other half. (Although they may soon get cranky if your Little Rooster replaces morning sex).

The website states (a little bit creepily): "Little Rooster does not wrench you from your sleep. Then the power slowly increases. You wake up gently. Sensually. Energized. Smiling. Stimulated. Ready to face your day."

Although the clock has been around for a while, the inventors have just released a version two, which can be recharged using a universal phone charger, and it now comes in more snazzy colours. And it only costs £39.

Little Rooster inventor and CEO Tony Maggs said that the invention has received some extremely positive feedback, with one woman using it on her commute into work.

Lost At E Minor reported him as saying: "Before her husband bought her a Little Rooster she would often fall asleep, miss her stop and get in late and flustered. She actually credited us with saving her job – though she did not say whether she now arrived at work on time and flustered!"

About the design, he adds: "We went through 300 prototypes, tested on over three dozen women of different body shapes to refine the concept of a stabilising flat element against the pubic bone attached to a narrow vibrating part that rests between the legs."

However, Little Rooster isn't the first to try and get into our pants - a vibrating alarm clock called Wake-Up Vibe promises to do the same. However, says Tony, alluding to the shape of the Wake-Up Vibe, it can be uncomfortable if you turn over if your sleep.