Venezuela Protests Rage As Student Leader Is Killed (PICTURES)

Demonstrations are still raging in Caracas, with the latest official death toll citing 23 deaths nationwide, while more than 200 have been injured since protests began a month ago.

This week in Tachira state, which borders Colombia, government forces used tear gas and bullets, shooting well-known student protester Daniel Tinoco, 24, who died after he was shot in the chest.

CNN reported that the protest was disrupted when 10 armed passengers appeared from two trucks and ambushed the protesters. The Venezuelan authorities have denied being behind the attack.

The Venezuelan government has accused violent right-wing groups of attacking a worker's march in the capital, where a National Guard captain was killed in fighting.

Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez remains in jail, facing charges of arson and conspiracy. Lopez had announced a roadmap to topple the government President Nicolas Maduo.

The foreign ministers from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname and Uruguay have condemned the recent violence and said their sympathies are "with the families of the victims, with the people and with the democratically elected government of this sister nation."

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