An emerging ballroom scene exudes glamour and freedom in Caracas despite repression.
It means people arriving in England from abroad will no longer have to quarantine in hotels.
With healthcare services in Venezuela decimated by the economic and political crisis, Venezuelan women needing medical assistance, including pre and post-natal care, are heading to neighbouring Colombia. According to Save the Children, which runs a sexual and reproductive health clinic in the border town of Maicao, inflation has driven prices of condoms and the contraceptive pill to the equivalent of around a quarter of the monthly salary on minimum wage.
For refugees seeking asylum in the UK a decision on their claim should be reached by the Government within 6 months. However, it can often take longer, sometimes even years. While waiting they are not allowed to work, surviving on just £35 per week. The Lift The Ban campaign is fighting for restriction to be reduced, allowing people to work quicker.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he was “disgusted” to see politicians in Britain and the United States continue to support Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. He was responding to a question about the support shown for the Venezuela’s government by Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn.
Tells US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo not to interfere
Venezuela’s descent into chaos, which nearly culminated in an anti-government military uprising, has had profound effects on both sides of the border.
Opposition leader Juan Guaidó has called on his supporters to rise up against president Nicolás Maduro.
The US-backed opposition leader thanks his supporters – and defends his choice not to negotiate with his rival, Nicolás Maduro.