Malaysia Prays For Missing Flight MH370 As Desperate Search Continues (PICTURES)

10 Heartbreaking Pictures Of Malaysians United In Prayer For Flight MH370

Heartbreaking images have emerged from Malaysia, as thousands gathered to invoke the power of prayer to aid the massive multinational search operation for flight MH370, which disappeared without a trace early Saturday.

Members of the public, Malaysia Airlines staff, and politicians were united Friday as they prayed together at Malayia's National Mosque during a special prayer for passengers on the plane.

The Malaysian Prime Minister also attended the prayers for those on board at a second mosque near Kuala Lumpur international airport.

As the search for the missing Malaysian airline passenger jet expands to the Indian Ocean March 14, 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there has still been no sight of the missing aircraft carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew.

In one of the greatest aviation mysteries of our time, a lack of evidence has baffled the international rescue and search teams searching the seas surrounding South East Asia.

United in hope, thousands gathered at the national mosque

Ten Heartbreaking Pictures Of Malaysians Praying For Flight MH370


Malaysia Airlines Flight Disaster In Pictures


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