The Nine Terrifying Stages Every Student Will Experience When Essay Writing

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We all know about the woes of essay writing - it's one of those things that we try to avoid. Unfortunately, completing coursework is essential if you want to actually get a degree, so sometimes we have to whack out the books and power up our laptops for something other than Facebook.

The feeling of horror as we open up a blank Word document and can see nothing but empty white page which must be filled is incredibly daunting. We vaguely remember being able to complete essays in the past, but seem to have forgotten how to do so. Your mind becomes as blank as the essay, you close down the Word document, and moan to your friends about how rubbish this essay is and how you so can't be bothered right now.

Eventually, though, we have to trek to campus and use the library - but find ourselves getting lost in a complicated labyrinth of books, desperately grabbing whatever looks vaguely relevant and making as hasty an exit as possible, laden down with books. This achievement, of course, calls for a break - we've done something academic, that's the work quota achieved for the day.

The concept of procrastination becomes a fine art - we all tell ourselves that we can steam through an essay in a night, as long as we have enough caffeine and/or energy drink. However, we then become so absorbed in everything but Uni work that one short study break has lasted for a week and the essay is due tomorrow.

This calls for a dash to the nearest shop and a basket full of caffeine so you can power through a night of frenzied typing and throw together an essay passable enough for you to (you hope) get a 2:1. The next day, you submit the essay. You're able to justify missing a day of lectures because you need your sleep, and wellbeing comes before work. The lecturers will definitely sympathise with you...

The Horror

The 9 stages of essay writing