Chinese Man Has 13Kg Tumour Removed From His Back In Nine-Hour Operation

Auto mechanic Yang Ha has endured a 13kg tumour on his back since he was a teenager.

But after his local village chipped in nearly £2,000 and his father borrowed £10,000 for the operation, the 27-year-old was finally able to have the operation.

Before the operation

Ha, who is from Xi'an, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, and over the years the tumour grew rapidly and spread to cover the top of his back.

He says: "I quit my job and stayed at home most of the time. I couldn't sleep flatly and even walking became a weary job to me."

After the operation

Recent charitable donations meant that Yang was finally able to undergo surgery to remove the giant tumour.

Doctor Yang Li said the surgery was quite challenging because the tumor was tightly connected to the spine and was rich with blood vessels.

Doctors from several department took part in the 9-hour surgery, during which they transfused 20,000ml of blood into Yang - the equivalent of four adults. However, they were able to successfully remove the tumour.