25 Beautifully Colourful Images Of The Hindu Festival Of Holi 2014 (PICTURES)

Hindus all over the world have celebrated the coming of Spring by indulging in the annual festival of colour.

Known as Holi, it remains perhaps one of the visually loveliest events to behold and sees participants fling coloured liquids and powders at each other.

Preceding this, are public bonfires and gatherings under a full moon.

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The festival sees revellers fling coloured liquids and powders over each other to celebrate the arrival of Spring

A common greeting during the festival is “Happy Holi” and any boisterous behavior is usually explained away with the phrase “bura na mano holi hai” or “don’t mind, it is Holi.”

The festival commemorates the myth of Hiranyakashipu and his son Prahlada.

Prahlada is a devotee of Lord Vishnu who protects him in a series of murder attempts by his father.

The bonfires of Holi represent one of these attempts in which Hiranyakashipu attempted to burn his son alive.

Holi 2014

Holi Festival 2014

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