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A dairy farm has apologised after a complaint accused it of “trivialising Hinduism”. But a UK Hindu leader feels there’s nothing religiously offensive.
Time spent meditating with the sweet, softly spoken priest who shared with me drops of holy water, scented flowers, incense, and offerings of traditional sweet rice cakes, while chanting mantras will stay with me. Less significant was the rub-down part lying on a massage table, it was the exchange of smiles and sense of connection.
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The Hindu religion is the oldest living religion today; around five thousand years old. It revered animals and humans respectively and even more so, women. Goddesses were worshipped just as much as gods and they were endowed with some of the most prominent powers and energies.
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The use of a derivate of animal fat in the new £5 note is “totally and utterly unacceptable”, the Hindu Forum of Britain
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