Oscar Pistorius Had 'Great Enthusiasm' For Guns, Trial Hears

Oscar Pistorius showed a "great love of and enthusiasm for guns", according to a witness at the murder trial of the paralympian.

The athlete, who is accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, paid R48,500 for seven firearms, including a semi-automatic rifle and two pump-action shotguns in an order that was cancelled after his model girlfriend died on Valentine's Day last year.

Oscar Pistorius regularly visited a firearms training academy

As part of the sale agreement, the sprinter was required to fill in a series of forms including a questionnaire about when it was acceptable to use a firearm against an intruder, the court was told.

The claims of Pistorius' love for firearms came from Sean Patrick Rens of the Firearms Training Academy in Walkerville, Gauteng, who was giving evidence on the 11th day of the trial.

Mr Rens told the court that Pistorius first came to the Academy in May 2012 and that he met the athlete “10 or 12 times” at the shooting range where Pistorius undertook firing practice.

It was here that Pistorius also bought weapons, a Smith and Wesson 500, and as part of the sale process, the athlete had to complete a competency form which included questions about the rules on the legalities of shooting intruders.

The opening questions was: "There is no security gate between you and the burglars. They are armed and they advance towards you. Can you discharge your firearm because you fear for your life?"

Pistorius answered "Yes".

The next question was: "Explain the legal requirements when using a firearm for private use", to which he replied: "Attack must be against you, it must be unlawful, it must be against persons."

The final question related to the importance of identifying the target, to which he answered: "Always know your target and what lies behind."

Pistorius scored full marks in the tests.

Reena Steenkamp's mother June was in court again on Monday to hear evidence

Mr Rens told prosecutor Gerrie Nel that the firearms order was cancelled after Ms Steenkamp's death.

He was also asked whether he and Pistorius had talked about the defendant's interest in firearms.

“There were many,” Mr Rens replied. “He indicated a great love of and enthusiasm for them.”

The trial has been adjourned until Tuesday.