Rupert Murdoch Calls For Irish To Boycott Guinness Amid LGBT Row Over St Patrick's Day Parade

Rupert Murdoch Takes Bizarre Stance Amid LGBT Row

Rupert Murdoch has waded into the row over whether LGBT campaigners should be allowed to join a St Patrick's Day Parade.

The media mogul suggested on Monday that Irish people should boycott Guinness, after the company pulled its sponsorship of the New York parade amid outrage gay and lesbian people could not identify themselves as such during the event.

But it isn't the first time Murdoch has used his Twitter account to air his sometimes troubling views.

His feed is often an eye-opening insight into the kind of baffling little missives he probably used to send his long-suffering tabloid newspaper editors, telling them what societal group should get a kicking today.

Here's the best tweets we could find on the media mogul's feed.

We don't know if the Malaysian Airlines flight crashed, nor do we know it was jihadists. But this was helpful advice, thanks.

No "respectable" evidence apart from 97% of scientists? Also the wild winter IS evidence of a changing climate.

We've got no idea either

You should write fortune cookies, Rupert

Murdoch, with his experience as a Muslim (not), knows how it is

Rupert was listing the 1st and third things he thought about Australia's future. Then this happened.

Those "admirable" and "gusty" anti-racists need to "get real"

None of this makes any sense

Good old Zeb


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