01/04/2014 07:48 BST | Updated 01/04/2014 07:59 BST

How To Juggle Running Your Own Business With Being A Student

If you've got as far as setting up your own business, then you may very well be in the position of having to juggle two lives at once; the business entrepreneur life, and the student life.

So how do you do it?

We spoke with students Lauren Moulsley and Francesca Schembre, who are both Avon representatives, meaning they have their own businesses and can earn money on their own terms.

The pair also told us just how beneficial setting up your own business can be.


Lauren Moulsley:

  • I am currently in my final year studying events management and am in the thick of my dissertation! I will always try and fit in my business around my dissertation breaks as it gives me a bit of a breather and better head space. I have a genuine passion for beauty so it never feels like work for me.
  • With increasing competition for graduate vacancies, I saw business ownership as a serious choice for my future. It’s great to have an income that is independent of the crowded graduate job market.
  • To help me manage my time effectively I will always write ‘to do lists’ every day, both for my student work and for my business – it is really important that I remember to follow up with my customers so as not to miss orders
  • Social media is a great way of communicating with people quickly and as I don’t have too much time, I will use Twitter and other platforms to talk to beauty bloggers about new products. A couple of them have since become customers of mine!
  • I also try to keep my work and social life separate by having different email addresses and Twitter accounts for work
  • Running a business has set me apart from most of my friends at university and it is through Avon that I got my placement as an events executive. They loved the fact that I was a dedicated young entrepreneur and offered me a job straight away!
  • As part of my degree I had to create an integrated marketing and communications plan and for this I wrote a guide for Avon representatives (how to increase and maintain customers, rewards etc) and for this I got a first. I love the fact that I can use my business to help me in my studies.


Lauren (left) and Francesca (right)

Francesca Schembre:

  • The key thing for me is the flexibility of being self-employed and being able to work when I want to.
  • I am currently studying an art and design photography degree at college which takes up most of my day so I often try to spare a couple of hours in the evenings to deliver my brochures. Most of my customers are also at work during the day, so making the deliveries in the evenings work best for them too.
  • I earn on average £300 per campaign and this goes towards the costs of expensive cameras and other equipment that I need.
  • Since starting my business I have met so many new people and my confidence has soared. It’s not just about the cash but the life skills that I have learnt and will take with me in my future career.
  • To help me juggle my day, both at university and in work, I will always try to set myself a bit of a time table. It doesn’t always go to plan but it least it gives me a bit of a guideline and it’s great experience for me ahead of the working world!
  • Before I started my Avon business I had no understanding of money and my maths was terrible. Since starting Avon I have become much more confident in business and money management.