Tulse Hill Flat For Sale May Be Hugely Untidy But It Sold In Less Than A Week (PICTURES)

There’s a whole industry of advice on how to lure people into buying your house.

Keeping it spotlessly clean and in perfect repair are the obvious top tips, followed by the suggestion one should be baking bread and/or brewing fresh coffee whenever potential buyers pop round (yeah right).

Sold! The two-bedroom flat in Tulse Hill is no longer on the market

And you know what? It didn’t even matter.

A spokesman for agent Brooks tells HuffPost UK the two-bedroom property sold for the asking price of £285,000 in under a week.

While he conceded it is in a mess, he did add: “The owner is elderly and not able to do anything about it. She’s had no friends or family to help her.

“It’s an elderly lady who lives in a way none of us would like our grandmothers to live.”

So let's not take the piss, but simply marvel at the vagaries of the London property market.

House for sale

Messy house for sale