Missing Plane MH370 Relatives In Chaotic Scenes Alongside Kay Burley (VIDEO, PICTURES)

Kay Burley Just Took Part In The Weirdest Media Scrum Ever

An incredibly surreal scene developed in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday morning as Sky News presenter Kay Burley gave live commentary on a violent media scrum as she chased after relatives of those on board missing flight MH370.

Two women ejected from a new conference for trying to unfurl a banner were bundled out and chased up escalators by the frenzied mob.

Burley could be heard shouting "I've lost my phone!" and "I should have gone to the gym!" as she ran up an escalator - the wrong way.

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Women ejected from Malaysia press conference

Kay Burley chases the media pack in Malaysia

After retrieving her mobile, Burley then reported back to camera that the chasing reporters had horrifically knocked one of the women to the floor, seemingly totally oblivious to the fact she had in fact been part of said scrum.

She came in for some pretty heavy abuse on Twitter but to be fair, her responses were more than a match for what was thrown at her.

Meanwhile, things got even more surreal as in the background of the report two rather persistent gents continued to walk the wrong way up the escalator, caught in some kind of calorie-expending limbo.

The press conference had been held to detail new information about the missing passenger plane that disappeared on 8 March on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Relatives of the 239 people who were on board are becoming increasingly desperate for answers with some even threatening to go on hunger strike.

Thailand revealed it had may have spotted the plane on military radar heading back towards Kuala Lumpur.

Reports it could have been spotted flying very low over the Maldives are also being investigated.


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