20/03/2014 12:32 GMT | Updated 20/03/2014 12:59 GMT

Davina McCall's Huge Effort For Sport Relief Revealed In BBC Documentary 'Beyond Breaking Point'

Davina McCall's efforts for Sport Relief definitely put paid to many preconceptions we may have about celebrities 'exerting themselves' in aid of charity.

The TV presenter signed up for a seven-day challenge last month that involved running, swimming and cycling for 450 miles from Edinburgh to London, but she hadn't figured on the weather.

It all got too much for Davina McCall at one point during her Sport Relief challenge but she carried on

The footage of Davina being fished out of Lake Windermere, chilled to the bone tells only half the story of the conditions she faced, as Britain experienced some of its harshest weather in decades. She also had to cycle through 50mph sleet, and wade through snow when she got to the Lake District.

And the presenter revealed that she'd been left traumatised by the challenge, telling Jonathan Ross on his chat show, "People keep going, ‘was it the worst thing you’ve ever done?’ It was the worst and the best all rolled into one.”

And she has confided, too, that her marriage had been in a rough place for the six months prior to the challenge, but her husband still drove seven hours to be at her side when he saw the footage of her coming out of the lake, so much the worse for wear.

Whatever you think of the often narcissistic relationship between celebrities and charity, this is a valiant effort by a determined woman, inspired by her trip to Kenya, and boosted by an emotional group of family and friends.

'Davina McCall: Beyond Breaking Point' is on BBC1 at 9pm tonight.