20/03/2014 07:40 GMT | Updated 20/03/2014 07:59 GMT

Simon Cowell Says David Cameron Would Be 'Terrible' X Factor Judge

Joel Ryan/Invision/AP Images
British X Factor boss Simon Cowell gives the thumbs-up to media as he arrives at the Arts club in central London, ahead of a press conference to announce Cheryl Cole's anticipated return to The X Factor, Tuesday, March 11, 2014. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP Images)

David Cameron would be too expensive to be an X Factor judge and would be "terrible" at judging talent on the iconic TV singing contest, according to music mogul Simon Cowell.

The X Factor creator told Sky News that there's "not enough money" to pay the Prime Minister to join the judging panel, adding: "He'd be terrible at judging talent like that."

Cowell insisted that Cameron, whom he backed at the 2010 general election, was a "decent guy" and he "cares passionately about this country."

HuffPostUK has rounded up its own suggestions for who it wants to join the X Factor judging panel alongside Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh.

Who Would We Like To See On The 'X Factor' Judging Panel

Speaking after George Osborne delivered his Budget for 2014, Cowell said he felt there was a renewed sense of optimism in the country.

"I feel there's a sense of optimism again in this country, compared to what it was like four or five years ago. People seem to be more confident," he said.

So Cameron can be thankful it is still a "yes" from Cowell.

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