Jon Ronson Takes Instagram Snap Of Swan Taking Walk On M4

It was the greatest day of his life. Or so he said on Twitter.

The moment that writer Jon Ronson snapped a picture of a swan waddling through traffic, while he sat in a queue on the M4.

Although the author of The Men Who Stare At Goats first identified the bird as a goose, he quickly corrected himself to his 878,000 fans.

Swan makes it safely to the bank (of the M4)

In the first moments of the swan drama, it appears that our feathered friend was in a fair amount of danger. Ronson's instagram picture (below) clearly shows the intrepid bird sauntering along in front of traffic.

But luckily during Ronson's journey to Dublin (according to his Twitter feed), the crisis was averted.

From his seat in the taxi, the author charts the swan's safe passage from middle lane to hard shoulder. With no feathers ruffled.

Jon Ronson's instagram picture of the swan