This Is Surely The Worst Student Accommodation In The World

Goce Delcey houses more than 1200 students a year and is the biggest student dormitory in Macedonia - and the conditions are horrendous.

This "home" is located in Skopje, and although student housing in Macedonia isn't anything to write home about, this one is atrocious - like something out of a horror film.

The pictures, posted on Imgur, show crumbling structures not safe to live in, and will make your student halls look like the Ritz.

The place is rife with damp and decay. The walls, peeling off and turning an unattractive shade of green, are stomach-churningly awful. The radiators often don't work, and neither do the lights - so you'd have to be extra careful when stumbling back from a night out.

Maintenance is obviously not the building owner's forte, with pipe leakage evident all over the building - leaving dangerous pools of water everywhere.

The water in general is a menace - with availability of hot water being filtered throughout different blocks during one academic year. There have reportedly been years where students in certain blocks will be deprived of water for the entire length of their stay.

This accommodation is catered, but it's not as nice as it sounds. Far from home-cooked dinners, students are forced to queue for hours in advance with a hope of getting some grub.

Apparently food supplies barely cover a quarter of students living in the residence.

If you're lucky enough to get food, you're not in for a treat. The food is starchy and repetitive - carbs, chicken and sausages. Furthermore, they're likely to come with a side of salmonella as the kitchen and dining room is poorly cleaned and disinfected. You are also allegedly likely to spot various species of bug-life crawling between the dishes - and maybe even drowning in a pan.

And you thought your student halls were bad...


'Sub-Human' Student Accomodation

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