student housing

Some students will be forced to travel more than 30 miles to lectures.
The student housing market is in crisis. Poor quality and overpriced accommodation is putting a strain on students pockets
Everyone loves spending a bit of time with their grandparents - but can you imagine living with them while you study at university
She says the mould in the studio is so bad she suffers with chest and stomach pains.
A student who claims she was duped into living in a “mouldy”, slug-infested flat is attempting to crowdfund £4,800 so she
Do we really want great institutions like the London School of Economics and Imperial College to be effectively closed to our own young people because they can't afford to live in London? I hope the universities themselves will agree that would be a terrible prospect - which is why I hope in time they'll also come to value and respect the concept of the Student Living Rent.
Every student in the UK has their own horrifying story of bad landlords and disgusting houses. Letting agencies and landlords are legendary for ripping students off, failing to pay back deposits, and providing practically unliveable houses. There have been cases of a bedroom ceiling collapsing in Bristol, lucky escapes from carbon monoxide poisoning, and of course; mould...
During your time as an undergraduate you are likely to encounter an array of people, some of whom you will like and some
A housing revolution is happening at my university: students at SOAS in London have been staging a rent strike. 150 residents
My guidance to you on this occasion is simple; take an en-suite where available, be weary of foreign body hair, be grateful there is no gas tap to leave on in your bathroom and never, I repeat never, loan your slippers out to someone who has no intention of wearing them with their socks.
Students from Durham University protested against their university’s plans to increase accommodation fees by 8%, after it
With 2015 well under way, now is the time to start thinking about accommodation for next term. However, for those who have
Finding student accommodation can be a very daunting prospect, especially when you’re a first timer and housing horror stories
For Emily, staying at home during uni meant she had "the best of both worlds" "Studying whilst living at home wasn't my original
Exposed wires and electrics are a common sight in the halls One student said: "..People [have] found themselves opening their
For many, student housing means mouse droppings, faulty electrics and mould. But, for a growing elite, it now features everything
Studying constantly with fear of failure, late nights working the same shifts as the signer on television, living in squalid dwellings with landlords who may well be the offspring of Hitler and his one testicle, and constantly finding yourself scraping ancient coco-pops from a mouldy bowl whilst washing the five thousands dishes, is a tough life.
Choosing your first house as a student is a baffling task. How do estate agents even work? Will they rip you off? (Answer
Grappling over the deposit with your landlord has become a bit of a rite of passage for undergraduates moving out of student