21/03/2014 11:53 GMT | Updated 21/03/2014 11:59 GMT

Helen Flanagan Instagrams 'No Make Up Selfie' To Boost Breast Cancer Awareness (PHOTO)

Helen Flanagan is the latest star to post a 'no-makeup selfie' on her Instagram page.

For the past few days, women have been ditching their makeup and getting in front of the camera to take a 'no makeup selfie' to help raise awareness of breast cancer on social media.

Celebs such as Michelle Heaton and Kym Marsh have been getting in on the act, and now it's former 'Corrie' actress Helen Flanagan's turn.

Helen Flanagan's 'no makeup selfie'

While a selfie from Helen isn't exactly out of the ordinary - frankly we'd be more surprised if she went a day without posting some class of selfie - this time around she has let us see her without her makeup to help raise money for Cancer Research.

She posted her 'no makeup selfie' to Instagram on Thursday, although let's be honest, with a flash as bright as that, you can barely see if she even has a nose, let alone any makeup on.

It's now been reported that the 'no makeup selfie' campaign has so far helped raise over £2 million for Cancer Research UK.

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