Michelle Heaton

Hear'Say and Liberty X became huge stars thanks to the reality show, but what happened after the chart hits dried up?
'Your medical records indicate that you do not have, or no longer have, a cervix.'
I have been inundated with people on my Twitter feed who have had similar letters, due to having no cervix or not breasts since I posted this online. So I felt I should speak up. It does appear this isn't a one off or a confined to a small amount of people.
Michelle Heaton has revealed her upset over a letter she received from the NHS following her hysterectomy. The 36-year-old
A select few are still household names. Others, not so much.
It doesn’t feel like five minutes since we were standing in the queue in Woolworths, excitedly clutching the CD single of
Every woman has the BRCA1 and BRCA 2 gene - its role is to control growth within a cell. But when the genes become faulty
Michelle Heaton has opened up about her brave decision to undergo preventative cancer surgeries after being diagnosed with
There might still be months to go until ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ returns to BBC1, but rehearsals for this year’s series are