Helen Flanagan Takes Luisa Zissman Up On Her Offer Of A Mud-Wrestle On Twitter, Says Boyfriend Scott Sinclair 'Is Looking Forward To It'

We didn't think it would take long for Helen Flanagan to respond to Luisa Zissman's offer of a mud-wrestle and sure enough, the former 'Coronation Street' actress has taken the 'Apprentice' star up on it.

In an interview with this week's Zoo magazine, Luisa said she'd love to get down and dirty with Helen, saying: "I would be bang up for a mud-wrestling shoot with Helen. She is hot, with a great pair of real knockers."

Helen Flanagan and Luisa Zissman

Fast forward a few hours and Helen took to Twitter to tell Luisa that one person in particular was looking forward to them both getting mucky - her boyfriend, footballer Scott Sinclair.

We bet he is.

To which Luisa replied:

Well it definitely looks like Helen and Luisa have finally buried the hatchet after the 'Corrie' actress branded Luisa 'unladylike' earlier this year, which led to the 'Celebrity Big Brother' star offering to have a boob off with her.

Boob-offs, mud-wrestling, where will this all end?

Helen Flanagan

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