Nicki Minaj Makes Acting Debut Opposite Cameron Diaz In 'The Other Woman' (VIDEO)

FIRST LOOK: Nicki Minaj Makes Acting Debut

Nicki Minaj makes her acting debut in a newly unveiled scene from the forthcoming comedy 'The Other Woman'.

In the short clip, Nicki is seen giving some advice - and some attitude - to her co-star Cameron Diaz's character after she discovers the man she's been seeing is actually married.

Nicki Minaj

Gone are the outlandish hairstyles and clothes we're used to seeing the star in, and instead she wears a chic black wig and business clothes for the office-based scene.

In addition to her successful music career, Nicki is a trained actress, having attended the prestigious LaGuardia High School in New York, which specialises in the performing arts.

She lent her voice to the 2012 film 'Ice Age: Continental Drift', though this will be the first time she's appeared in a live-action film.

This year looks set to be a busy one for Nicki - as well as appearing in 'The Other Woman' she is due to release her third studio album, tentatively titled 'The Pink Print'.

The rapper found herself in hot water with her former wig stylist Terrence Davidson earlier this year. He filed a lawsuit against Nicki, claiming she owes him $30 million in losses after she allegedly sold copies of his wig designs on her official website and kept the profits for herself.


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