A Single Red Rose Sits Atop Tony Benn's Coffin As It Arrives At The Palace Of Westminster (PICTURES)

Tony Benn's Coffin Arrives At The Palace Of Westminster

Tony Benn's coffin arrived at the Palace of Westminster on Wednesday where the body of the late former MP is to be placed in the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft for MPs and peers to pay their respects. A single red rose was placed on top of the casket.

The former Labour cabinet minister's body will rest in the crypt chapel, while a vigil will be kept by Commons Speaker John Bercow's chaplain, Rose Hudson-Wilkin. The politician, who died aged 88 earlier this month, was afforded the honour, previously only bestowed on former prime minister Baroness Thatcher, in tribute to his "unique" record in Parliament.

Vigil For Tony Benn's Coffin

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