tony benn

Boris Johnson's legislative programme referred to leaving the EU on Halloween as a "priority" rather than a promise.
Three years ago I was convinced Corbyn was a brave, principled man who would change British politics for the better
The accusation is intended to portray the leader as high-minded but unrealistic and a well-meaning soft touch - it is also particularly inaccurate
The debating chamber of House of Commons can be an unforgiving place. But on Tuesday it was reminiscent of a rap battle in
Those of us in the Labour party who have been staunchly sceptical of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership from the beginning often stand accused of not taking him or his supporters seriously enough. At Progress, we are keen to rectify this perception, and apply rigorous intellectual scrutiny to the Corbyn project.
Way back when in 2012, before Brexit, before Trump, and before Honey G, a politics conference in Westminster Hall hosted
Hilary Benn today revealed foreign health workers cared for his dying father as he praised the contribution migrants make
There is a very real danger that in getting an easy win against the Tories Labour may have set course for a much greater defeat somewhere down the line, a defeat that may well lead to even greater calls for electoral reform.