iOS 7.1 Glitch Lets You Hide Apple's Official Apps For The First Time

One of the perennial irritations with using an iPhone is the odd insistence it has on keeping a load of useless, official apps on your device.

Sure, many people find apps like Stocks and Compass useful. But many don't - and unlike Android platforms, where you can easily hide or delete almost anything from your home screen and app drawer, iOS only lets you move Apple's software into a folder. You can't hide it, and you definitely can't delete it.

Until now. A new glitch discovered in iOS 7.1 does appear to let you hide your unwanted apps, almost without penalty (other than spending a bit of time doing something fiddly).

The trick essentially involves placing all of the apps you want to hide into a folder - and then tricking iOS into letting you place that folder inside another one.

You do this by dragging your unwanted apps into a folder, making sure your dock is full of icons as well as your home screen - but that there are no other folders on the home screen. Then long press on an app, drag it into another one to make a folder and then quickly drag your unwanted folder into it too.

If it works (it can take a few tries) the folder will end up within the new folder.

Now you just have to remove the rest of the apps from the new folder, so the only thing inside it is the folder of useless apps.

Finally you make sure your homescreen is full, again, and pull the smaller folder out onto the home screen. If the glitch works, the folder should just disappear. Bye bye useless apps.

The downside? The space they take up is still being used, and the apps will reappear if you restart your phone. Also, Apple will definitely fix this almost immediately. But aside from rooting your phone - which we wouldn't recommend - it's the only hope you've got of getting rid of Stocks once and (nearly) for all.

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