Ofgem Enquiry To Find Out Whether 'Big Six' Energy Firms Are Really Shafting Us, Or Just Shafting Us

Ofgem Enquiry To Find Out Whether We're Being Really Screwed Over, Or Just Screwed Over

British people will have to wait two years to find out whether they're being really screwed over by the main energy companies, or just screwed over by them.

The enquiry by Ofgem will "consider once and for all whether there are further barriers to effective competition" within the industry, along with investigating rumours about the Pope and bears in the woods.

"I am determined that energy companies use our reforms to transform their relationship with consumers," said the chief executive of Ofgem, shortly before removing his teeth.

Union leaders warned, however, that the move was "designed to kick the issue down the road until after the next election" - saying that "the country is in the midst of an energy crisis. Absolutely nobody's got the energy to fight this government."


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