We're still going to be paying almost twice what we were in October 2021.
Jeremy Hunt scales back subsidies to £5.5 billion as policy had become “unsustainably expensive”.
Ministers disappeared the morning when Ofgem confirmed its huge energy price cap hike.
These comparisons perfectly demonstrate how enormous the new price cap hike is.
Regulator Ofgem just announced that from October 1, the energy price cap will be £3,549 – an 80% increase.
The money saving expert said people will die without "further government intervention".
Fears raised that families will be forced to choose between “eating or heating” as the average energy bill is hiked by more than 80 per cent.
The energy price cap will rise by 80% from this October, soaring to £3,549, Ofgem has announced.
Martin Lewis previously dubbed the change a "f***ing disgrace".
Help for soaring bills and Sue Gray's verdict could both come before MPs go on recess on Thursday.