‘Benefits Street' Star White Dee Releasing Debut Single On April Fools' Day (LISTEN)

‘Benefits Street' star White Dee has officially made her music debut, rapping on a track by Brummie band XOVA.

The single, titled ‘Your To Blame’ (deliberately spelled incorrectly by the band), is due to drop on 1 April 2014, but we just can’t help but have reservations about whether or not this is legit.

Is White Dee seriously releasing a record?

But what’s with the April Fools’ Day release date?

While we have our doubts, it does appear that fans can actually pre-order the single on iTunes and a statement on the record label’s website explains Dee’s choice to make the track.

“The collaboration between Dee & XOVA is a perfect match as they all come from a similar background in the centre of Birmingham,” it reads. “Both struggling to make a living with common issues and now common goals.”

A snippet of the track was even played on Radio 1 earlier this week by DJ Scott Mills.

Quite frankly we don’t know what to think, so we’re going to just wait until 1 April and see what happens then…

White Dee offered rap offer

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