Piers Morgan Tweets Out Farewells Before Final CNN Show

On Friday evening in New York, Piers Morgan will host the final ever edition of Piers Morgan Live, CNN’s replacement to the long-running news offering Larry King Live. The broadcaster announced the show's demise at the end of February, which they said was due to a declining viewership.

Though the Briton recently admitted that his nightly show was being cancelled as his ratings had “taken a bath”, it would be hard to argue that the former Mirror editor hadn’t made a deep albeit brief impact on America political culture, particularly with his crusading fight for greater gun control.

On Friday afternoon Morgan posted Tweets thanking some of those involved in the show, which ran for little more than three years on the cable news channel. The 48-year-old also promised an "important" finale at the end.

Here are some of Morgan's greatest clashes with America's gun lobby:

...And here are a few suggestions for Morgan's next career move:

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