Career Women To Blame For Absolutely Everything, Confirms Daily Mail

Women who have careers are to blame for everything that is wrong with the world, the Daily Mail has confirmed.

The latest hazard caused by women focusing on work rather than homemaking is the increase in the number of babies born to mothers over 50. This trend, says the Daily Mail, increases health risks for both women and babies and "is the result of women choosing to concentrate on their careers rather than settling down to have a family".

Other problems caused by working women include office misery, breast cancer, soaring house prices and the war in Syria.

Many women who choose to work will be unhappily childless, confirms the paper - while those who are lucky enough to have children will be unable to cope with them.

"Career women only have themselves to blame," a spokesperson for the paper told HuffPost UK Comedy. "And we're here to help hammer that blame home."

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