Donkey Walks Into Tesco In Brockenhurst, Here's Why You Should Be Afraid

Donkeys Have Started Shopping, This Picture Proves It

A donkey was spotted entering a Tesco in Brockenhurst on Wednesday.


Charlie Lambeth told The Huffington Post UK: "The donkey walked into the shop as if it was nothing out of the ordinary and just stood in there looking around for a moment before manager of the store tried to get him out! the donkey is completely wild!"

It is not known if it was an isolated incident or whether it is part of a wider trend of shopping donkeys.

So far no other sightings have been reported although if one makes it into B&Q there is a very real danger it could learn rudimentary building techniques, pass them on to other donkeys and attack homes and sheds exploiting weak points.

What do they want?

God forbid they make it into Waterstones where a donkey perusing the psychology aisle could equip itself with everything it needs to know to outwit our tiny minds.

And Ann Summers just doesn't bear thinking about...

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