The group says the billboards will show the "rich treasure trove" of Johnson's "stunning contradictions".
Things are changing in Africa. After years of banging on the door, it's beginning to open, and animals all across Africa
Image credit: SPANA Working animals. Sound familiar? Probably not. Did you know that there are nearly 200 million horses
On International Women's Day, the Brooke are spreading awareness for women who are less fortunate than us. We want to give women the a chance to be part of a Brooke programme to improve their donkeys' welfare so they can undertake the vital role of supporting their family, putting food on the table and sending their children to school. These women deserve to have a healthy donkey, they deserve to have a better life, and we are working to make that difference.
I feel a great kinship with the 'hooves of mankind', who have earned a reputation for being sturdy, dependable, with a keen sense of curiosity. AND they have a great sense of judgment; apparently its very difficult to get a donkey to do something they reason isn't safe. Who knew?
A donkey has been rescued by firefighters in Switzerland after it became lodged in a manhole. The creature struggled for
Mystery surrounds the disappearance of a driver and his passenger after a car accident in Roswell, New Mexico. Medics raced
There was once a donkey who was so depressed he went on hunger strike. We kid you not. He just missed his friend. Watch the
Anything we can do animals do better. Last week we brought you the wonderful spectacle of Bazz the beekeeping Labrador. And