Surfer, Phil Brown, Told To 'F*** Off Back To England... On Cornish Beach'

Surfer Told To 'F*** Off Back To England'... On Cornish Beach
Mike Riley via Getty Images

Note: This article contains explicit language that some readers may consider offensive.

A very angry surfer rammed a rival's board and told him to “get back to England” in a serious case of wave rage.

The unidentified man was filmed launching into a four-letter xenophobic tirade against a fellow wave rider in a video snapped in Cornwall.

Stunned Phil Brown, 29, was catching his breath in the swell when the furious stranger started swearing at him for supposedly "stealing his wave".

Phil asked him not to swear and tried to explain that he didn't see the fellow wave rider, but was told to "fuck off back to England" - despite being born and bred in Cornwall.

A GoPro camera mounted to the front of Phil's longboard showed the moment the stranger slammed into him and shouted: "You cut in on me again and you won't fucking surf here again.

"It didn't drop in on you, It was my wave - keep your fucking eyes open."

The one-minute clip, filmed 100 yards from the beach at Bude, North Cornwall, shows the pair continuing their argument as they bob up and down.

The mystery man, who is clutching an oar and speaking with a Scouse accent, growls: "Don't tell me not to fucking swear. You nearly caused me to have an accident then.

"I was on the wave, now don't do it again. Do that again and I'll put you in fucking hospital - that's a promise.

"You don't act like a twat in the water. Fuck off back to England you c***."


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