03/04/2014 06:00 BST | Updated 03/04/2014 06:59 BST

Vladimir Putin's Divorce Has Been Finalised, The Russian President Is Officially A Single Man

AFP via Getty Images
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is pictured with a horse during his vacation outside the town of Kyzyl in Southern Siberia on August 3, 2009. AFP PHOTO / RIA-NOVOSTI / ALEXEY DRUZHININ (Photo credit should read ALEXEY DRUZHININ/AFP/Getty Images)

Ladies, get queuing. Vladimir Putin is officially a single man.

The divorce of the Russian President and his wife, Lyudmila, has been finalised, the Kremlin confirmed, according to news reports.

Dmitry Peskov, a Putin spokesman, told a Russian news agency the divorce had been "completed," according to AFP.

The couple announced last June that they were ending their 30-year marriage.

Rather ominously, references to Lyudmila have been removed from Putin's bio on the Kremlin website.

Some Russians have reportedly expressed concern that removing Lyudmila from his official biography amounted to a Soviet-style attempt to rewrite history.

Reuters reported that Putin, an ex-KGB spy "keeps his personal life private and little is known about his wife and two daughters, both in their 20s."

In 2008, Putin said there was no truth to a newspaper report that he was preparing to marry Olympic rhythmic gymnast Alina Kabayeva, who was born in 1983, the same year he married Lyudmila.

Putin told journalists to keep their "snotty noses" out of his private affairs and the newspaper, Moskovsky Korrespondent, folded shortly afterwards.

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