Lily Allen Made New Album 'Sheezus' After Deciding She 'Couldn't Be A Stay-At-Home Mum'

Lily Allen has discussed juggling her music career with being a mum-of-two, in the run-up to the release of her third album 'Sheezus'.

It's been four years since Lily announced she was taking a break from the music industry, during which time she and husband Sam Cooper have had two babies together.

Lily Allen

She has also revealed that being a mother has made her rethink some of her past performances which have been less than child-friendly, and described a recent discussion she had with her husband.

“Recently I have been rehearsing for this new tour and Sam said, ‘You’re not doing that thing again are you?’ I said not if he didn't want me to. And he said no as he didn't think it’s good for the kids."

The singer obviously hasn't let motherhood change her too much, though, judging from some of her most recent music videos.

Her controversial 'Hard Out Here' video - intended as a statement about sexism and double standards in the music industry - featured a host of dancers twerking around her while she sang lyrics like "forget your balls and grow a pair of t**s".

Another video for the single 'Our Time' saw her getting in a drunken brawl while dressed as a hot-dog. Not the most family-friendly of images, we're sure you agree.

Lily later went on to admit how difficult she finds being separated from her two young children now that she has to promote her new music.

"They are both so little, so I don’t really want to unsettle them. It’s about finding out what’s best for them and playing it by ear.

“When I was on my way home from LA recently, I woke up on the plane bawling my eyes out. I miss my babies, and their faces when I’m away.”

'Sheezus' is released on May 5.

Style Evolution: Lily Allen

Style Evolution: Lily Allen

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