Students Line Up On Bridge For Senior Prom Picture, Bridge Collapses, Students Fall In River

Picture Perfect.. Almost

Last Sunday students of Pierce High School, Nebraska, US were left looking worse for wear after the bridge they were standing on for prom photos collapsed into a four-foot-deep creek.

The group of 22 students were at the Nebraska home of senior student Alisha White to take photos before heading off to their spring prom and, after snapping a couple of photos, they decided to pose on top of two bridges. Unfortunately, one of the bridges wasn't as sturdy as it seemed, plunging the group of 22 into the waters below.

"The first thing I thought about when I went into the water was 'oh my gosh everyone is going to be so mad at me'," White, a Pierce High School Senior told KTIV. This is my fault because I planned this and that made me super upset. But then everyone was really nice about it and said its not your fault, you didn't know that was going to happen. There was nothing you can do."

Apart from a few minor scrapes and plenty of soaked tuxes and dresses, non of the group were seriously injured and by the end of Saturday night they were the talk of Pierce. However, after one member of the group Lane Rohrich tweeted a photo of the event, the incident has gone global.

"By two hours [later] I had 3,000 retweets and now we are up to 40,000 retweets and favourites and we are still moving up," Lane Rohrich, a Pierce Senior/Twitter Picture Poster said.

Through all the new found fame, these students have learned what type of impact a single post on social media sites can have.

"Everyone really needs to be careful what they put on the internet because there is always a way to get to it. Just be safe about everything and you will be fine," Rohrich said.


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