Republican Targets Flop John Boehner With 'Electile Dysfunction' Campaign Video

John Boehner, the Republican speaker of the United States House of Representatives, is facing a primary challenge in Ohio. His Tea Party opponent, J.D. Winteregg, is unlikely to steal the Republican nomination from the veteran congressman - but that doesn't mean he can't make a campaign video based on an erection pun.

"If you have a Boehner lasting more than 23 years, seek immediate medical attention," the campaign video warns. "Your electile dysfunction? It could be a question of blood flow. Sometimes, when a politician has been in D.C. too long, it goes to his head, and he just can't seem to get the job done."

"Used on a daily basis, Winteregg in Congress will help you every time the moment is right, to have your voice heard at the federal level."

Winteregg is a high school teacher. His campaign website notes J.D. "brings enthusiasm and creativity to the district". Also. Penis gags.