Young Brits Are Much More Pessimistic About Their Future Than Youth In Other Countries (GRAPH)

Young people in Britain are much more pessimistic about their future than those in other countries, with barely a fifth (22%) expecting to have a better life than their parents.

The finding comes from a major new study by Ipsos MORI about future prospects for young people around the world, which revealed that young Britons are "significantly more pessimistic than the population as a whole" about their future.

Although barely a fifth of young people felt their life would be better than their parents, just over a third (36%) of the population as a whole felt the same.

Despite recent positive economic news as inflation fell to a new low, young people in Briton were still more pessimistic than those in countries like China, with 78% of those under 30 expecting to have a better life.

Nearly half of those in Brazil, India and Turkey felt similarly positive. However, other Western countries are similarly gloomy, with only 16% of Spain's youth and 12% of France's feeling positive about their future prospects.