Emma Stone: 'Jennifer Lawrence Is So Inspiring To Me, I Am So Grateful She Exists'

Emma Stone has sung the praises of fellow actress Jennifer Lawrence in a new interview.

Emma, who is busy promoting her film ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’, confessed that she was a big fan of Jennifer’s, and praised her attitude as well as her work as an actress to Stylist magazine.

Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence

Whether or not this means we can look forward to Emma Stone falling over on a red carpet any time soon remains to be seen.

The two stars actually have a surprising factor in common in that they’re both fans of the docusoap, ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ (we are now imagining the two partying at Sugar Hut before heading home and tucking in to one of Nanny Pat’s sausage platters).

Emma’s co-star and boyfriend Andrew Garfield was also there, and laughed along during their fun interview, though he later displayed a distinct lack of a sense of humour at the premiere of their film.

When asked about his “girlfriend” on the red carpet, Andrew was seen telling a journalist that his private life was just that.. Ouch.


Pictures Of Emma Stone Being Great

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