Lady Gaga Thanks 'Sweet' Lily Allen For Defending 'ARTPOP' Album's 'Low Sales'

Lady Gaga Praises 'Sweet' Lily Allen

Lady Gaga has thanked Lily Allen for sticking up for her in an interview.

Earlier this month, Lily defended the performance of Gaga’s latest musical offering ‘ARTPOP’, telling Rolling Stone that the album’s reported low sales didn’t matter as long as Gaga was being true to herself.

Lady Gaga and Lily Allen

The star responded to Lily’s remarks during a radio interview with Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills on Tuesday, describing her comments as “admirable”.

Gaga said: “That's very sweet, I've always been a very big fan of hers and I appreciate her standing up for artists and for me in particular, that's really admirable for her to do that.

"I think all artists should stand by one another. When it becomes a competition then we're not supporting creativity and art, but when you support one another wholeheartedly then you're supporting everyone and anything to make what they love.

"I thought that was very sweet, so thank you Lily, you're lovely."

A typically unpretentious statement from Lady Gaga, there.

It was recently reported that a second installment of Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ album could be on the cards, as she admitted that she had enough material recorded for a second volume to be released.

Meanwhile, Lily’s forthcoming third album ‘Sheezus’ is released in May.

She debuted the music video for the collection’s most recent single ‘Our Time’ - which sees her in a drunken broil while dressed as a hot-dog - last month.

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