Cumbrian 'Vandal' Behind Spate Of Tyre-Slashing Is Actually A Dog Called Jessie (VIDEO)


For over six months the residents of a Cumbrian village have been plagued by a spate of vandalism that has left their cars mysteriously damaged.

The damage, to a variety of vehicles, consisted of punctures to tyres.

Residents had been upset and concerned about the apparently malicious incidents, with some even installing CCTV to establish who was responsible.

Recent analysis of the CCTV has revealed the culprit – a border collie named ‘Jess’.

The dog, had been using her daily walk to bite the two nearside tyres of cars she comes across.

PC Simon Amos, who solved the mystery, said: “These incidents have been happening for the last six months, with many residents being very upset at the thought of someone targeting them and causing the damage deliberate.

“The dog had been seen approaching the cars and many believe that she was just sniffing at the tyres. It isn’t until you take a closer look , that you can see her biting the tyres.

“The owner has been contacted and has been very surprised and also apologetic about the whole situation. He will be now keeping Jess on a lead.

“We know that there may be other residents or visitors that may not have reported any damage to their tyres. We want to reassure them that the culprit has been identified and hopefully the damage will stop.”

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