Watch This Humbling Reaction Of Noah VanVooren, A Student With Down Syndrome, As He Gets Into College

Watch This Humbling Reaction Of A Student With Down Syndrome As He Gets Into College

Anyone who gets accepted into college is understandably over the moon. It's an incredible achievement for students who have worked hard and put in the hours.

But for Noah VanVooren, it is the best thing in the whole entire world to have ever happened. Ever. He's so excited in fact, he takes his hoody off.

Noah, an 18-year-old from Wisconsin was born with Down Syndrome. However that hasn't stopped him getting into Edgewood College. He'll be taking a four year-long course as part of the institution's Cutting Edge programme, a college experience for students with developmental disabilities.

It's an incredible feat for the man whose parents were told he would never "walk, talk or do anything".

"He was born 18 years ago and the doctors told us that he'd never walk, talk or do anything," his father told Fox11 News after Noah scored a touchdown for the local American football team. "And to see him 18 years later, to do this, is amazing, amazing."

"The skills that our students learn while they're in college, it might not be the exact thing that other students are learning to get their degree, but the level of independence people have, the ability to create their goals and say this is what I want to do in the future, all of those are really excellent skills," programme director Dedra Hafner told NBC.

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