Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, Leslie Mann Latest Stars To Cover '#Selfie' For Capital Radio (VIDEO)

Cameron Diaz and her 'The Other Woman' co-stars have become the latest A-listers to prove they have ANOTHER skill up their sleeves.

Cameron, Kate Upon and Leslie Mann picked up their microphones and had a game attempt at '#SELFIE' for the benefit of Capital Radio listeners.

WATCH them in action above - should any of them be giving up the day job?

They follow Samuel L Jackson's oh-so-cool rendition of the same song. Check out his rendition here.

Cameron Diaz has been forced to spend her usual quota of press junket time for 'The Other Woman', defending her decision to remain unmarried and - arrest that woman! - childless. Most recently, she's commented, "It's not like I'm a spinster who didn't have a child."

Back to the film career, and she told HuffPostUK that she was concerned to portray women in the correct light.

"Hollywood should show childless, successful women enjoying their live," she told us.

"I’ve always felt that way with my characters. I have a tendency to play characters that are strong or if their vulnerabilities are something that is as real as possible."

Read the full interview here.

'The Other Woman' is in UK cinemas from Friday 25 April. Watch the trailer below...

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