Scented Bubbles Will Deliver Your Email In This Pleasantly Smelling Future

Yes, it's already possible to get email and text messages on your phone.

Also on your laptop, your wrist, in your car, on your eyeballs, while you're skiing, printed on little bits of paper and on your fridge.

But what if there was another way to get notifications? Wouldn't that be something ?

A team at Bristol University has developed a way to deliver emails and texts with scented bubbles.

SensaBubble is described as a "chrono-sensory mid-air display system". It fills soap bubbles with scent and fires them at a user, projecting colours and smells in the air to correspond with different notifications.

"Sensabubble uses the concept of chrono-sensory experiences where layers of information are presented via different senses for variable length of times, each attracting different types of interest from the user," the university says.

"Firstly, a visual display [is] projected onto the bubble which only lasts until it bursts; secondly, a scent released upon the bursting of the bubble slowly disperses and leaves a longer-lasting noticeable trace."

Check out how it works above. And for more details on its actual uses including some actually pretty-intriguing education ideas - check out this interesting report on The Inquirer.