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Bristol University cleaner Herman Gordon was described as the 'epitome of happiness'.
I thank him and he tells me that it was a pleasure. A final note which is pretty emblematic of our conversation and of the way he is to the world. Honest, attentive and understanding of human emotions. The pleasure was all mine, David.
Students at Bristol University thought it would be a great idea to put on a "hipsters and homeless" fancy dress party - but
Students from the University of Bristol were filmed watching porn together for a social experiment. And, well, the results
Bristol's commitment to living in a responsible, sustainable way should inspire cities across the globe to join us in building a society we shall be happy to pass on to the next generation. I will continue to push for this locally, nationally and internationally.
I think I've done it. You see, the feminist society at Bristol Uni seems to have a problem that they are unable to solve. They are utterly aghast at the University's journalism society inviting a speaker- Milo Yiannopoulos- to give a lecture, because Mr Yiannopoulos has made some pretty offensive, misogynist and ignorant remarks.
Henry Cavill appears to have found the Lois Lane to his Superman after hooking up with a teenager from Bristol University
Congratulations, you’ve gotten in to Bristol! Welcome to an institution which has been an intellectual powerhouse for more
With supporters at Tough Mudder on Sunday While Rob couldn’t tackle every obstacle in the 12-mile off-road challenge, his